Revenue Cycle Management

ABOUT az billing

Health care roots, but with a financial focus.

Who We Are

Experience top-tier homecare billing solutions with AZBilling!


With over 40 years of combined experience, we are experts in providing top-quality revenue cycle management and medical billing services. Our integrated products and services go beyond mere billing and coding. We offer unparalleled security over data transmission and deep analysis and insights into your organization’s operations.

As advocates of the Home Health Industry, we stay up to date on regulations and compliance through consistent involvement and attendance at conferences. Trust us to exceed your expectations and revolutionize your operations. 

Meet the Team

Volter Dalzon

Co-Founder and CEO

Volter Dalzon has spent more than ten years in the home healthcare space.


From the outset, he identified one of the most glaring needs in the market – specialized billing.


With a keen eye for detail (sharpened during his time in IT and software development) and a deep knowledge of billing systems, he took on the task of making sure his customers were paid accurately and on time.


After nearly a decade of consistent billing returns of over 99%, he founded AZ Billing, a one-stop shop for billing outsourcing, forensic accounting, and staff training. 


Volter is proud to offer his services to the entire home healthcare space, using his deep institutional knowledge to offer top-of-the-line services at reasonable, competitive rates.


Reach out today to see how he can help your company thrive.

Irisi Dulo

Co-Founder and CEO

Irisi Dulo’s first passion was the law.


At the University of Bologna, she studied Security and Investigations before coming to the United States in 2012 to pursue her Master’s in Criminal Justice at Long Island University.


Her procedural knowledge fit perfectly with home care, where she quickly rose to become one of the most in-demand compliance officers in the Tri-State Area.


In addition to her previous position as Chief Compliance Officer at Mrs. G’s Services, she is a board member of the Home Care Providers Association.


Irisi has spent years tirelessly advocating for LHCSAS and FIs, fighting for higher rates, transparency, and stronger legislative support for the industry.


Reach out today to see how she can help your company thrive.