Revenue Cycle Management

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Revenue Cycle Management

We will handle the full financial process of your agency while you focus on delivering exceptional patient care. From patient admission, medical billing, claims follow-up, accounts receivable and KPI analytics, we provide solutions to successfully manage your cash flow.

Financial Wellness Audit

Are you having trouble pinpointing and correcting reocurring issues? We offer a deep dive into your finances and into your billing history to identify issues and easily fixed errors.

Payer Management

We implement a custom medical billing process that identifies underpayments and tracks denial reasons to help increase your net revenue and margin. We offer services to assist in electronic billing and SFTP setup.

Special Projects

With an IT and development background, we provide custom services that include software training, technology implementation, and data migration. Inquire for more information.

Who is AzBilling ?

$500+ Million Healthcare Claims

100+ Payer Relationships

Combined 30+ Years Industry Experience

IT and Development Background

Key Features

We ensure clients’ eligible for insurance claims will be confirmed with the agencies providing services BEFORE you are billed for records and visits.
Rest assured, all patient records will be reviewed to ensure that you are taken care of under all relevant laws.
Go paperless with your billing and have it at the tip of your finger instantly by using our electronic billing system.
We are here for you in the process of getting you set-up in our system. Each client is guided through the process of EFT and ERA enrollment so there is no anxiety about getting lost or confused. The ERA system sends out payment breakdowns and lets you post payments directly into the system all with the press of a button.

We will assist in the process of getting approval for a medical service or procedure before it is given. This is done to ensure that the service or procedure is covered by insurance. 

Billing training
Outstanding claims and debt to the agency is handled by us directly. We reach out to ALL clients and settle payment reductions so we can clear anything you owe to the agency.
We take care of all remittances and payments. These are all double-checked to ensure we didn’t miss any payment reductions or denied claims.
Denied claims and denial reasons are all noted carefully. If we disagree with any denied claims, we send an appeal as soon as we can to keep you on schedule.
We keep tabs on every agency’s performance with key performance indicators. Using this information we set benchmarks, goals, and expectations to suit the needs of your business and keep you on the path to improvement.
Staff turnover, training, and overall sustainability is handled by us to give agencies the freedom to focus on providing the highest quality care for their clients and improve overall performance.

Az Billing


Our Happy Clients

See how our trusted partners improved their fiscal outcomes.

Revenue Cycle Management
“Results don’t lie. Mrs. G’s Services and its sister companies have benefited immensely from working with Volter. He’s left a rock solid foundation that we continue to grow on.”

- Sasha Guillaume

CEO Of Mrs. G’s Services, LLC

Revenue Cycle Management
“Before working with AZ Billing, our return rate hovered around 90% on a good month. We’re now regularly getting almost 100% of our payments in on time.”

- Syed Hayat

CEO of Family Wellness Program

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