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Home Care Regulatory Landscape

Home Care Regulatory Landscape


Legal Challenges for Home Care

Key challenges await home-based care providers as they navigate Home Care Regulatory Landscape. Advocacy Efforts. To address potential non-compete bans and other issues, industry unity and advocacy efforts must be strengthened for effective outcomes. Increased Government Scrutiny. Government relief programs like PPP, EIDL, and employee retention credits, previously relied upon by home-based care providers during the COVID-19 pandemic, will face heightened scrutiny. Providers need to proactively ensure compliance, conduct self-audits, and transparently trace fund allocation.

Anti-Kickback Laws. Providers should be aware of anti-kickback laws, which may apply even in private-pay scenarios in certain states like Florida. These laws can have far-reaching implications for referral relationships and financial transactions.

Navigating Home Care Regulations Landscape

Amidst the shifting dynamics in the home care industry, understanding the Home Care Regulatory Landscape becomes paramount. Providers must revert to pre-pandemic regulatory standards, requiring staff retraining and adjustments in staffing models. Additionally, the industry faces potential changes like a nationwide ban on non-compete agreements by the FTC, which could significantly impact executive-level contracts and client-service agreements containing no-hire clauses. Furthermore, the ongoing scrutiny over worker classification as employees or independent contractors, with proposed rule changes from the Department of Labor, will be crucial, particularly for those classifying caregivers as independent contractors.

Compliance in Home Care

Softening Joint Employment Standards. Changes in joint employment standards may hold implications for franchise models, CEO liabilities, nurse registries, virtual marketplaces, and independent contractor utilization. Liability across separate entities could become more feasible. Navigating Home Care Regulatory Landscape necessitates proactive measures, industry collaboration, and a deep understanding of evolving regulations.

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