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Patient Collection Procedure

Patient Collection Procedure


The Dynamics of Patient Collections in Healthcare

In the realm of healthcare, the management of the Patient Collection Procedure plays a pivotal role in the financial stability of any healthcare provider. From navigating co-payments and deductibles to addressing outstanding balances, an effective patient collection process is indispensable. In this blog, we delve into the intricate workings of patient collections and explore strategies for optimizing this crucial aspect of healthcare finance.

The Fundamentals of Patient Collections

Patient Collection Procedures encompass the intricate process of collecting outstanding balances from patients in exchange for medical services rendered.

Verification of Insurance.

A fundamental step in the patient collection process involves verifying a patient’s insurance coverage.


Certain medical procedures or treatments may necessitate pre-authorization from the patient’s insurance company.


Following the provision of medical services, generating an invoice or statement becomes imperative.

Submission of Claims.

To seek reimbursement for provided services, medical practices must submit claims to the patient’s insurance company.

Insurance Reimbursement.

Once the insurance company receives the claims, they undergo review and processing.

Patient Statements.

If outstanding balances persist after insurance reimbursement, the medical practice generates patient statements.

Payment Collection.

The penultimate step involves engaging with patients to collect payments, which can be accomplished through various means, such as phone calls or mailed statements.

Outsourcing to Specialized Providers

For many healthcare providers, especially smaller organizations, managing the delicate balance between patient reminders and cash flow stability can be challenging. The best solution is to outsource the Patient Collection Procedure and other medical billing procedures to specialized medical billing companies like AZBilling. With over four decades of extensive expertise and experience in delivering exceptional revenue cycle management (RCM) and medical billing services, we are staunch supporters of the Home Health and Hospice Care sector.

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