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How to Speed Up Homecare Billing and Get Paid Faster


Just like in the races, success in billing isn’t just about the finish line but about the meticulous work behind the scenes. To ensure your billing claims make it to the finish line quickly and accurately, you surely need to follow the best practices there are.

Saddling Up: Preparing for any outcome

Success in billing hinges on how well-prepared you are before hitting the “submit” button.

Gathering Essential Patient Information

When registering a patient for homecare services, it’s crucial to have all their information on hand  in order to avoid any rejection after the claim submission.

Up-to-Date Prior Authorizations

Verifying the patient’s prior authorization is valid is a critical step that prevents future denials and financial losses. AZBilling’s reports can help monitor authorization status, allowing for proactive updates and on-time requests.

First Turn: Clearing Hurdles with Efficient Documentation

Accurate documentation is essential to prevent billing claim denials. The CURES Act mandates electronic verification for Medicaid-financed homecare visits, including service details, recipient, caregiver, and timestamps. AZBilling’s assistance with Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) streamlines this process by integrating with the right platform to ensure maximum revenue for your healthcare organization.

The Home Stretch: Effective Follow-up and Collection

In the last lap of the race, it’s time to collect what’s owed. For payer claims, resolve denials and resubmit, correcting any errors. With AZBilling, denials are minimized, simplifying this step to the max.

Crossing the Finish Line: Celebrating Victory with On-Time Payments

You’ve made it! Swift payments mean caregivers are paid on time, ensuring agency operations run smoothly. Achieving this requires systematic processes, organization, and the support of effective billing tools.

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